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The more advanced technology today has an impact on the growth of business interest in society. One of the factors is the ease in business processes that do not need to use large capital, and can take advantage of the market place or social media.

In addition, current business knowledge is very easy to obtain, just search for the required topic on search engines. Even though there are many conveniences in doing business, it’s good for you to know about profitable business concepts. Don’t let the existing facilities make you lose money.


Before starting a business, we should have a strong intention to become very expensive capital for an entrepreneur. Strong will conquer all. Strong intentions will make you continue to fight for your business to be successful. In contrast to people who do not have strong intentions, of course it will be easier to give up if a problem arises.

A person’s intentions to start a business are very diverse, such as wanting to make parents happy, having free time to work, and many other things. Whatever it is, make sure you have good intentions in starting a business, if your intentions are bad then God will not open the way.


After a strong intention, a clear vision becomes a basic concept in doing business. Don’t let you do business without having a clear vision. A vision is a dream about what your business goals will be like.

The bigger your vision, the greater the benefits provided to loved ones and those around us. The mistake of many novice entrepreneurs is that they just join in selling products or services that are trending or busy in the market. Without having a clear vision, after the trend declined and even disappeared from the market, businesses also closed down. Of course this does not want to happen to the business you are in right now.

It’s never too late, try to determine the business vision from now on. If you already have a clear vision, whatever problems you face will have a way. Then when you are confused about making a decision, of course you will choose one that fits your business vision.


Missions are things that must be done to realize a business vision. Mission can also be analogized as a path to vision. You must determine a powerful vision, because there are so many paths available. Imagine if there is no vision in the business, there must be confusion that will be faced later and also running the business without direction and purpose.


The next step is to set measurable goals. Measurable goals are a form of targets that must be achieved from the mission that has been made to realize our business vision. Make goals that are in accordance with your abilities, if you set unrealistic targets with existing resources, this will create a feeling of pessimism and also take a lot of effort to achieve them.

Small targets that increase gradually are better than making big targets but cannot be realized.

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Have the intention to do business, determine the vis, mission and golas. Next, you are looking for a product / service that sells, select a product or service that is a solution to a problem or a need for many people. Don’t choose a product or service because you are following friends or following a growing trend. We recommend that the product / service chosen is in accordance with our expertise and interests.

After choosing a product, check again whether our product is in demand by many buyers, if not, of course it will be a big PR for you later to find buyers who like your product.


You have to adjust the product to the target market to be chosen. Do not have the thought of choosing all target markets. Apart from requiring large amounts of capital and energy to satisfy all target markets, your product is not necessarily needed or in demand by everyone.

It’s better to choose one target market that you master and become the market leader in that target market than having to pay a fortune to satisfy everyone. The choice is yours, determine the right target market. Then excel there.

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Determining the target market can be by age classification, demographics, hobbies, and much more. Of course, choose a target market that you have mastered, if not, choose one and learn carefully.


Ask yourself whether the product currently being sold is of benefit to the buyer or not. If so, you can find a way to turn the buyer into a loyal customer. Maintain excellent service to satisfy our customers, so it will be easier to get new customers from the recommendations of our customers. Because usually those who are satisfied with the service will promote it for free to others.


The biggest task for an entrepreneur is to convert buyers into loyal customers. Of course, when we already have customers, it’s a good idea to spoil them by providing discounts or other attractive promos.

Our advantage in spoiling our customers is to get free promotions to those closest to them. Usually someone trusts the closest person more than the advertisements served by a brand.


Of course, the product or service you choose is not always a very new product. Indirectly, you already have competitors with other entrepreneurs whose products are similar to the current product.

So the next task is to provide added value that is beneficial if you buy product A in you compared to others. If you have found a way, in the future it is usually not too difficult to find buyers.


Create an impression to the buyer, don’t let your business be the same as the others, of course your business will be labeled the market and of course it will not impress the buyer. From now on, create memorable things that buyers will always remember. If on the food perhaps a good taste will make an impression on the buyers.



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